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Q) What's the different between the Standard version and Special Pack?
Both PC and Android versions have a Standard version and Special Pack.

Special Pack Contents:
* Allows continued exploration after beating the game.
* Bonus to ForceXP (1.5x) gained on kills after beating the game once.
* Soldier Battle Results will display Growth Level (Force & Skill will hit Max at 100%)
* Get the following Items on first time beating the game:
* Ring of Lord Demon (Magic Ring)
* Crystal of Velis W x6 (Equipment enhancement material)
* Crystal of Velis R x6 (Magic Equipment enhancement material)
* 4 more types of Soldier Marker

Q) How do I change my soldier portraits to rare soldiers like the Sword Master?
When Force has risen to a certain level, you can change soldiers' names from the Details screen.
For Warriors, enter "Kensei", "Master", "Kenshin", or "God".
For Valkyries, enter "Konken" or "Spirial".
For Shooters, enter "Izanagi", or "God".
Their appearance will change! (This will not impact strength.)

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